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Welcome to Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough, the best choice to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

From Version 0.1 to Version 1.0, we’ve got you covered with all the answers, choices, and codes you need to unlock every scene and event with the available characters.

Once you’ve read this review you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about whether or not the Once in a Lifetime Game is for you.

What Is Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough?

A “Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough” is an in-depth guide offering a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to conquering the video game “Once In A Lifetime.” This guide delves into game characters, items, puzzles, and boss battle strategies, aiding players in surmounting obstacles and excelling in the game.

Whether created by seasoned players or professional developers, this resource empowers gamers to enhance their skills and fully experience the game’s potential.

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough Wiki:

Once In A Lifetime Walkthrough is your ultimate destination for a comprehensive guide to conquering the video game “Once In A Lifetime.” This platform offers an in-depth roadmap, featuring detailed step-by-step guidance, character profiles, item insights, puzzle resolutions, boss battle tactics, and a treasure trove of strategies.

It’s the go-to resource for gamers eager to enhance their abilities and experience the game to its absolute zenith.

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.1

  • Submissive or sarcastic (no effect)
  • Help Lauren
  • Trivia: The fall of the Western Roman Empire, Da Vinci, Au, Oxygen, HyperText Transfer Protocol, Alexander Fleming, Albert Einstein, The Ear, Canberra, Cronos, Tom Cruise, 21, Monaco, 42, 3rd or 4th choice
  • Sure
  • Of course not. Can you make me 6 of them to take away?
  • Aristotle
  • I’m sure there are lots of different feelings coming up
  • On you, everything looks good
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Fight: Dodge, Attack, Block right, Block top, Parry top, Counterattack, Dodge, Parry Left, Counterattack, Dodge, Attack
  • Park: Go down a few steps before jumping, Go through the tunnel, Try to pass very fast, Do 3 sets of 5 reps, Try to go over the blue structure
  • Make a final effort and win the race

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.2

  • Password: is one of these numbers > 140, 215, 280, 370, 595, 655, 710, 770, 940. Start with 595.
  • Ok, let’s do it. Shoot
  • Pool Questions: Only these answers have an effect
    • My sister
    • Black (+ Lauren) or Chestnut brown (+ Judie)
  • Say nothing
  • Go find her
  • Seems like a good job for him
  • Questions: Your choices until > A Painter > You told me a while ago
  • You look even more beautiful than before
  • Nightmare: Door 3, Red, back through the white door, Red & Red

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.3

  • Look > I like to look at pretty things
  • If it helps you out, I could teach you how to kiss > Warn her
  • Maze: I’ll take right > Right > Straight > Right
  • Look confident
  • Trivia: Fulminated mercury, Ricin & Methylamine
  • Tell her everything
  • I was awfully sick
  • Hide inside one of the lockers
  • Pay attention first > Go upstairs without making noise

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.4

  • Go shirtless. Take a shower later
  • Touch A > Don’t push it
  • Take it with you
  • Check out Jasmine’s scores > Switch essays with Fat Jack
  • Treat her like a queen
  • Attempt to befriend him
  • First Floor: Tom’s numbers are 2, 5 & 6
  • Second Floor: Re-spin the bottle > Reveal who you are
  • Mr Alabi’s office > Answer the phone

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.5

  • Nice bra, by the way
  • Carla & Judie: leave the mysterious man to the end
    • Judie: Go see what James is doing
    • Carla: Yes, it’s me, Paul > Look at his e-mail
  • Carla Scene:
    • Do you still feel aroused when you’re
    • Actually, I’ve already talked to him
    • On social media. And I’ve told him everything
    • You should have *** with him
  • Go to her room
  • I understand
  • Use it in both
  • Massage: Back, Legs, back, Lower back, legs, A, P
  • Carry it yourself
  • Hospital: Explore all the rooms, because you have to find 5 numbers
    • Lauren: • I won’t let anything bad happen to you
    • Code: 32084
    • Come back for her
  • Buy her flowers

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.6

  • Keep peeking
  • Suggest taking a shower together > Offer to soap her back
  • Jeremy


  • Prison:
    • Hey, can I talk to Calamity?
    • I see. I’m leaving then
    • Say nothing and leave
    • I’ve come to propose a trade
    • Whatever you want
    • We have a deal friend, thank you. You won’t regret it
    • Refuse
    • Soviets?
    • I love it
  • Let him come with you
  • I missed you
  • Pool changing room
  • Let her sleep
  • Assume all responsibilities alone
  • Ask her


  • Gameshow:
    • POPULAR JURY: You can’t win
    • GET YOUR GUIDEBOOK: East Timor, Mutsuhito
    • KING OF THE RING: You can’t win
    • THE MENTALIST: Carla
    • THE PRICE IS GOD DAMN RIGHT: $230.000, $0, $200.000, Fu*king priceless
  • Use the free pass now

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.7

  • Accept his offer
  • Cabin 7: Earn 1 point with the girl of your choice
  • Move to the next car
  • Move to the next car
  • Hide in a cabin from this car
  • Keep going
  • Warn her about them


  • Day 1:
    • Docks
    • Ramen: I’d like you better without it
    • Docks
    • Dojo: Any
  • Day 2:
    • Dojo
    • Docks
    • City: Be rude > Refuse > Accuse Slaughter clan
  • Day 3:
    • Dojo
    • Temple: Go with her
    • Questions: No effect
    • Hot Spring: Insult the woman
  • Day 4:
    • Hotel: Go to the festival with Judie
    • Town Square
    • Docks
    • Ramen: her personality
    • Cemetery: Playing a competitive videogame, iris, Watching TV…, Brave, Me
    • Town Square: Yes
    • Azazel: Try to grab the gun > Shoot

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.8

  • Invite her to go back to Mistbury with you
  • Write a good review
  • do it
  • I love you
  • Go say something
  • Horn in on their conversation
  • Offer to put sunscreen on her back
  • Help her
  • Sp….
  • Marine biology > Fish
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Look for another one 3 times
  • That’s correct
  • Apothecary: Buy embers moan (2nd) and Angel’s breath (4th) > refuse
  • Church
  • Tavern: Damn, that waitress is so pushy, isn’t she? > Choose Judie or Lauren
  • You can sleep in my room, if you want
  • Do it
  • Let her continue

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 0.9

  • A butterfly
  • Go save the girls
  • Distract Magnus so that she can escape
  • Your choice: No effect
  • Go find her > Yes
  • We’ll have a cosplay party
  • I’ll go
  • Give them to her yourself
  • Make a move
  • Be supportive
  • Once, in a public bath place
  • Give Jasmine a kiss & ‘flash your b
  • Accept
  • It’s true
  • Tell her about your plans


SAVE, there are 4 possible endings:

  1. Choose one girl > single Ending
  2. Leave no one behind > multi-ending
  3. Kill Asmodeus > good ending
  4. Don’t Kill him > bad ending

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough – Version 1.0

  • Check on Carla, Lauren & Judie
  • I love you (Carla in the car)
  • Talk to guest who’s sitting > Talk to the pianist > Evangelion
  • Give Rebeca a final goodbye
  • Of course
  • Ask Jack for help
  • An…scene
  • Ask for Stabby Mike’s help
  • Hotel movie night: Choose Zack Snyder’s Justice leage or Shrek
  • Confront Astaroth
  • Refuse


SAVE, there are 4 possible endings:

  1. Stabby Mike has to be recruited for the final battle > Best Ending
  2. If Mike is not there > Solo ending
  3. If you go back through the sewers or you grabbed the Grimoire at the mansion > Prison ending
  4. If you accept Astaroth’s power and didn’t grab the Grimoire at the mansion > Astaroth ending
  5. : If you betrayed Mike at the Yakuza meeting or didn’t shoot Asmodeus > Cemetery ending
  6. If you complete the game without following any of the girls’ paths > Secret ending

Final Words:

In this Walkthrough guide, we covered Once in a Lifetime all answers, codes, and best choices to unlock all the in-game scenes and events with all the available game characters.

Once in a Lifetime Walkthrough is an absolute gem for lewd visual novel lovers. It ticks all the right boxes, delivering a fun-filled story, engaging characters, and choices that truly matter.

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