Free Flipkart Gift Card Code- 100% Working [2024 Update]

Are you searching for ways to acquire free Flipkart Gift Cards? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of reputable websites where you can earn Flipkart gift card codes. Flipkart, a leading online shopping platform in India, offers an extensive range of products, from electronics to fashion. Originally an online bookstore in 2007, it has grown into a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs.

List of free Flipkart gift card voucher numbers and pin 2023

Free Flipkart Gift Card Code

Flipkart Gift Card Voucher Today:

Gift Card Number Gift Card PIN Amoount
6000170125641369 125345 Rs.200
6000170123654785 198525 Rs.500
6000170124261314 296679 Rs.100
6000170125084795 190256 Rs.200
6000170129620741 143658 Rs.750
6000170125390848 152633 Rs.350
6000170125536916 127965 Rs.100
6000170123749083 184597 Rs.500
6000170123814280 174843 Rs.450

More Flipkart Gift Card Voucher:

Flipkart Gift Card Vouchers Pin ₹Amount
6000171028215012 119847 ₹100
6000171022084373 152930 ₹101
6000171028215008 191468 ₹100
6000171028215001 220933 ₹101
6000171028214990 750533 ₹300
6000170262985414 135310 ₹500
6000171028214760 591639 ₹500
6000171028214780 949747 ₹1000
6000171022084170 883763 ₹1000
6000171022084572 958373 ₹101
6000170142111572 124063 ₹2000
6000171022084460 972124 ₹1000
6000171022062460 419768 ₹500
6000171022068760 010304 ₹500
6000171021073373 449954 ₹100
6000170267699567 191468 ₹500

Gift cards bring joy, enabling you to share tokens of appreciation with loved ones. Imagine receiving a free Flipkart gift card to shop for your favorite items. It’s an exciting opportunity to enhance your online shopping experience. Explore these platforms to access Flipkart gift cards without spending a dime.

Some Flipkart gift card vouchers free (Rs.100)

You can try these codes and let us know if they work or not. By the way, we regularly update the old codes with the new ones.

  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170062243831 | Pin: 121830
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170061120657 | Pin: 178913
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170267699567 | Pin: 546150
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170262962324 | Pin: 119252
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170262962247 | Pin: 264650
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000171022084560 | Pin: 557612
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000171020766786 | Pin: 167347
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170056326543 | Pin: 264917
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000171028214989 | Pin: 479204
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170261632565 | Pin: 311702
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170267437588 | Pin: 412294
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170261452320 | Pin: 039134
  • Git Card Voucher: 60001700266234159 | Pin: 335650
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170266982596 | Pin: 404045
  • Git Card Number: 6000170260345822 | Pin: 480906
  • Git Card Number: 6000171010161126 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170077490031 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170254447108 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170168118677 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000171043617536 | Pin: 147854

Some Flipkart gift card free codes worth Rs.101

  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170260303079 | Pin: 715222
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170260340809 | Pin: 937457
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170260886896 | Pin: 085412
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170265566263 | Pin: 344492
  • Git Card Voucher: 60001702608959968 | Pin: 695739
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170269268235 | Pin: 565352
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170269639630 | Pin: 268851
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170140916626 | Pin: 318605
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170261183330 | Pin: 029236
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170262985414 | Pin: 589612
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170261689696 | Pin: 890037
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170266992353 | Pin: 282009
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170267057684 | Pin: 407168
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170267699559 | Pin: 499969
  • Git Card Voucher: 6000170261737302 | Pin: 136399
  • Git Card Number: 6000170093654591 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170295476038 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170188214403 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000171041559015 | Pin: 147854
  • Git Card Number: 6000170048260187 | Pin: 147854

How to buy Flipkart Gift Cards?

To buy or gift a Flipkart card, you just need to enter some basic details of the recipient like name, email address, special message, etc., add money to the voucher card, and that’s it; they will receive your gift. I tell you all the steps.

  • Firstly, enter the name and email address of the recipient.
  • This way, they will get the Flipkart Gift card straight into their mailbox.
  • Once you have chosen, click “Buy Gift Card” to move forward.
  • You can make the payment using different payment options like UPI, Wallet money, Credit Card, Debit Card, ATM Card or Net banking
  • On successful purchase, an email will be sent to the email address provided by you with all the important details regarding your gift card.

Things to consider while using the Flipkart Gift Cards Free

Keep these key points in mind about Gift Card Expiry

  • Your Gift Card will expire after one year from its creation date. So you should use the Gift Card before its expiration date.
  • When placing orders on Flipkart, up to 15 gift cards can only be used once in one transaction during checkout.
  • Flipkart Gift Cards are issued by Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd (Qwikcilver), authorized by the Reserve Bank of India to do so.
  • Gift Cards can only be redeemed online through its platform (, Mobile App or M-site).
  • For purchasing Gift Cards on this marketplace, credit or debit cards, net banking and UPI are acceptable as payment modes – any other methods cannot be accepted when purchasing them.
  • Select “Gift Card” payment at checkout to redeem a Gift Card and enjoy multiple seller support on one platform.
  • Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or credit
  • Flipkart, Qwikcilver Solutions, or Techsonu cannot accept responsibility for the safety or misuse of Gift Cards left in your care.
  • After purchasing and receiving the Gift Card, confidential details such as PIN/number must be protected securely to prevent misuse by buyers themselves.
  • Flipkart/Qwikcilver may disclose KYC details and any additional data related to Gift Cards in accordance with RBI guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • No fees are associated with Gift Card purchases, and Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or resold once purchased.
  • We have covered all the important points about Gift Cards by Flipkart. You can read more

How to earn a Flipkart gift card free code?

Follow the steps outlined below and earn a Flipkart gift card free code.

  • Signup or log in to the LifePoints survey website
  • Start your survey and share your opinion there
  • Complete the survey and accumulate Rewards on the LifePoints account
  • Once you’ve reached the 540 Reward points on your account, redeem it to get a free gift card for Flipkart worth Rs.500.

Best Websites to Get Flipkart Gift Card Free:

Are you a savvy shopper looking for ways to save money on your Flipkart purchases? If so, you’re in luck! There are several reputable websites that offer opportunities to earn free Flipkart gift cards. In this article, we’ll explore six trustworthy platforms that allow you to accumulate points or rewards that can be redeemed for Flipkart gift cards. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the thrill of free online shopping.

Your Gateway to Flipkart Gift Cards offers a straightforward method for earning free Flipkart gift card vouchers. To get started, create an account on their website and confirm your email. After registration, you’ll be eligible to participate in online surveys, each of which will earn you cash rewards.

Once you’ve accumulated $10 worth of rewards, you can redeem them for a Flipkart gift card. When making a purchase on Flipkart, simply login to your account, select the items you desire, proceed to the payment section, and choose the “pay by gift card” option. Then, enter your 16-digit gift card number and pin to enjoy your free shopping experience.

A Diverse Range of Flipkart Gift Card Vouchers provides a wide selection of Flipkart gift card vouchers to choose from. Select the voucher that suits your preferences and proceed to payment using various options such as debit cards, credit cards, or other payment methods.

After purchasing the gift card, log in to your Flipkart account, and apply the gift card code and pin during checkout to avail of discounts on your chosen products.

Prize Rebel:

Earn Points for Valuable Flipkart Gift Cards Prize Rebel is another fantastic platform for acquiring free Flipkart gift card vouchers. To get started, create an account on their website, and after logging in, you can choose to sign up for brands, watch videos, or complete market research surveys.

These activities will earn you valuable points, which you can then exchange for a Flipkart gift card. Once you’ve received your gift card, you can use it to make purchases on Flipkart and enjoy savings.


A World of Rewards and Free Flipkart Gift Cards Swagbucks is a versatile platform that allows you to accumulate points and redeem them for gift card vouchers. To begin, sign up on the website, providing your email and password.

Engage in various activities like completing surveys, playing games, or watching videos to earn points. These points can be exchanged for a Flipkart gift card, which you can apply during your Flipkart shopping journey.


Quick Start with 10 Points Life is an excellent choice for those looking for a swift start in accumulating points towards a Flipkart gift card. Upon joining the site, you’ll instantly receive 10 points. To earn more points, participate in different surveys provided on the platform.

After accumulating 560 life points, you can claim a 500 rupee Flipkart gift card. This card can be used while making purchases on Flipkart, helping you save on your shopping endeavors.

Idle Empire:

Your Hub for Free Flipkart Gift Cards Idle Empire is yet another website that provides free Flipkart gift card vouchers. The best part is that these sites do not charge any fees for the gift card vouchers. To begin your journey, complete the registration details and sign up for an account.

You can then engage in various activities such as surveys, playing games, watching videos, or testing software to earn points. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for a Flipkart gift card. The gift cards are typically issued to users within 24 hours of redemption. Additionally, Idle Empire offers a variety of other rewards besides Flipkart gift cards.

Final Words:

In your quest for free Flipkart gift cards, these six websites are trustworthy options to explore. By participating in surveys, watching videos, completing various tasks, or purchasing gift card vouchers directly, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts on your favorite products from Flipkart. Start your journey today and enjoy the thrill of saving while you shop online.

If you want more Free Flipkart Gift Card codes, Bookmark our webpage and check this post frequently. We update our posts regularly and provide you with the latest Free Flipkart Gift Card Code.

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